From innovation to transformation

The industry is changing. A technology-driven structural transformation is re-framing business models, shifting the need of competence and creates new customer behaviors. It is critical for the industry to understand the driving trends behind this transformation to be able to manage accordingly and stay competitive.

The first day of the International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA) is called the Industry Day. It is organized by Automation Region and focuses on the development of the industry – From innovation to transformation. During this day we gather representatives from both industry and academia to explore and define critical areas related to the transformative trends that effect the industry today and in the near future.

By exploring transformative trends for industrial transformation, the Industry Day adds the industry’s needs and conditions as input for the technical tracks during the ETFA conference.


Invited speakers and experts

We will be adding speakers continuously. The full conference program will be presented in early August.

Ron Bodkin

VP of AI Engineering and CIO, Vector Institute

Ron Bodkin is the VP of AI Engineering and CIO at Vector Institute and he is also the Engineering Lead at the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. Previously, he was responsible for Applied Artificial Intelligence in the Google Cloud CTO office where he spearheaded collaborative innovation efforts working with strategic customers and Google AI research and engineering teams.

At Vector Institute, Ron is responsible for leading engineering teams that apply Vector’s leading AI research to industry and health care problems for Canada, establishing and supporting world class scientific computing infrastructure to scale the adoption of beneficial AI, and ensuring that all users, sponsor participants and partners are upskilled to use it effectively.

Ron was the founding CEO of Think Big Analytics. Think Big Analytics provided enterprise data science and engineering services and software such as Kylo for enterprise data lakes and data science and was acquired by Teradata in 2014. After the acquisition, Ron led Think Big’s global expansion and created an Artificial Intelligence incubator at Teradata.

Ron was also VP Engineering at Quantcast where he led data science and engineering teams that applied Machine Learning for real-time advertising and audience insights. Ron was also Co-Founder and CTO of C-Bridge Internet Solutions. Ron has an honors B.Sc. in Math and Computer Science from McGill University and a Master’s in Computer Science from MIT.

Beata Wickbom

Moderator of the Industry Day

Beata Wickbom has more than 25 years of experience as advisor to corporations and organizations on digital strategy, business development and innovation. Her understanding of how trends will affect leadership and value creation, in combination with an ability to explain complex issues, have made her a sought after moderator.


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